Starship Officer

Starship Officer Skills

  • Athletics (Str)
  • Computer Use (Int)
  • Energy Weapon (Agl)
  • Knowledge1 (Int)
  • Repair (Int)
  • Survival (Per)
  • Unarmed Combat1 (Agl)

1 This entry denotes a skill group (see Skills). Choose one skill from within the group each time this entry is selected.

Professional Abilities

Tier 1

  • Rounded: Starship officers demonstrate remarkably varied skill expertise. To reflect this, the starship officer can acquire and develop one non-professional skill as a professional skill. Starship officers can upgrade this professional ability up to three times, choosing a new skill each time.
  • Starship Duty: Every starship officer has a specific duty aboard a starship or starbase—flight control officer, transporter operator, engineer, communications officer, and so on. When choosing this ability, select one starship officer elite profession to represent your character’s shipboard position. This ability substitutes for all of the prerequisites for entering that elite profession. This ability may be chosen more than once, but the character may never advance more than two elite professions at a time.

Tier 2

Capable: Starship officers frequently have to manage several activities in quick succession. When performing actions in excess of their allowance, suffer only a -5 to professional skill tests, rather than the -10 test penalty that normally applies. Prerequisite: Intrepid

Intrepid: Starship officers boldly go where no one has gone before. When spending Courage to improve professional skill rolls, the starship officer gains a +5 Courage bonus instead of the normal +3. Prerequisite: Starship Duty

Elite Professions




Starship Officer

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