Security Officer

Prerequisites: Starship Duty, Observe 4+, Investigate 3+, one Unarmed Combat 3+, and System Operation 1+

Attributes: The favored attribute for security officers is Agility for it’s role in attack and dodge tests. A high Perception helps identify threats. Intellect is valuable for those destined to man shipboard weapon systems. Strength and Vitality help the officer survive hostile encounters.

Reactions: The favored reaction for a security officer is Quickness.

First Aid INT
Inquire PRE
Investigate PER
Observe PER
System Operation INT
Tactics INT

Professional Abilities

Tier 1

Security Ops: Security officers excel at criminal investigation, forensic sciences, and other investigative techniques. They automatically gain one specialty of their choice upon acquiring the Investigate skill. When performing any Investigate skill test, they gain a +2 bonus.

Security Protocols: Security Officers know all operational procedures and protocols associated with their duty stations. When making a Systems Operation (Tactical) skill test, the officer gains an affinity bonus equal to half his Computer Use skill, rounding up.

Tier 2

Tactical Officer: Security officers not only lead tactical operations aboard starships, but also during planetside engagements. If the security officer leads tactical operations from the tactical console or similar monitoring station, he increases the bonuses participants lend during combined test by +2 (instead of the usual +1). Prerequisite: Security Protocols

Phyically Fit: Because of the physical nature of their duties, security officers train their bodies for strength and endurance. Whenever the security officer makes a Strength or Vitality attribute test or Athletics skill est, he doubles the modifier conferred by his key attribute. Upon acquiring this ability, he increases his Stamina by +1. Prerequisite: Strength or Vitality +8

Tier 3

Responsive: Security officers respond to threats more quickly than other starship personnel. During a combat situation, the security officer can perform one additional combat action per round without suffering the additional action penalty. Prerequisite: Physically Fit

Security Officer

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