A shrewd negotiator who uses debate, mediation, and law to settle disputes, negotiate agreements, and represent an organization. Examples include Sarek of Vulcan, Riva the Mediator, and Tam Elbrun.


An independent businessman who makes a living by providing goods or services. Examples include Cyrano Jones, Garak, Quark, and Neelix.


A follower of a spiritual path who lives life according to some religion or creed. Examples include Dr. Severin, Kai Winn, Vedek Bareil, and the clerics of the Boreth Monastery.


A wily, cunning individual who survives on his wits and stealth and often finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Exmples include Harry Mudd, Vash, Morn, and Seska.


A person of science, dedicated to improving the lives of others through great discoveries. Examples include Zefram Cochrane, Dr. Carol Marcus, Dr. Noonien Soong, and Dr. Richard Daystrom.


A trained warrior with excemption combat ability. Soldiers may serve their government defending borders, work as law enforcement officers, or operate as terrorists, freedom fighters, or mercenaries. Examples include Khan Noonien Singh, Arctus Baran, Colonel Kira Nerys, General Martok, and Constable Odo.

Starship Officer

A starship officer represents any member of an organized, space-going operation, such as Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, or the Cardassian fleet. Starship Officers explore the galaxy for knowledge, to protect sovereign territory, or serve as instruments of their government’s policies. Each starship officer fills a specific role, whether as a science officer, transporter operator, or security guard, as defined by the player’s choice of starship elite profession.


Command officers handle critical functions on board, acting as navigator or helmsman and directing the activities of those under them. Examples include Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Sulu, Commander William Riker, Captain Benjamin Sisko, and Gul Dukat.


Operations officers handle the day-to-day functions aboard a starship — engineers, security officers, and those who staff specific consoles. Examples include Commander Montgomery Scott, Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Commander Worf, Chief Miles O’Brien, Ensign Harry Kim, and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok.


Science officers are dedicated to conducting scientific research and operations aboard a starship. This includes a ship’s doctors and counselors. Examples include Dr. Leonard McCoy, Commander Spock, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Counselor Deanna Troi, and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax.


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