Medical Officer

Prerequisites: Starship Duty, First Aid 4+, Medicine 3+, Systems Operation 3+, and Investigate 1+

Attributes: The favored Attribute for a medical officer is Intellect. A high Presence can help with a doctor’s bedside manner, while those planning on seeing a lot of action might choose Agility, Perception, Strength, or Vitality as their second favored attribute.

Reactions: The favored reaction for a medical officer is Stamina.

First Aid INT
Life Science INT
Medicine INT
Physical Science INT
System Operation INT

Professional Abilities

Tier 1

Field Medicine: Although a ship’s doctor prefers to treat sick or injured patients in sickbay, emergencies sometiems require the doctor to render medical treatment in the field. When performing First Aid or Medicine skill tests outside of a medical facility, the medical officer can reroll one test and keep the better result.

General Medicine: A ship’s doctor must be proficient in all forms of medicine, from diagnosing common ailments and treating physical injuries to performing emergency surgery and treating exotic disease. When the medical officer performs any Medicine skill test he gains a +2 bonus to the result.

Tier 2

Diagnosis: Whenever the medical officer makes a Medicine test to diagnose and illness of any sort, he gains an affinity bonus equal to half in Investigate skill (rounding up). If successful, the diagnosis confers a bonus to subsequent Medicine tests made to treat the patient. The bonus depends on the Diagnosis test degree of success (MS +1, CS +2, ES +3). Prerequisite: General Medicine

Rehabilitation: Medical officers are particularly skilled at rehabilitating patients once they’ve been successfully treated with a First Aid or Medicine skill test. Provided the doctor can tend to a patient in sickbay (or similar facility), the doctor may rehabilitate patients at twice the normal rate described under the Medicine skill. Prerequisite: General Medicine

Tier 3

Immunization: If a medical officer successfully diagnosis an illness, he can perform research to create a counteragent, such as an antivenom, antidote, or inoculation. The doctor must perform a Medicine (Research) test, with a base action time of 30 minutes. Difficulty depends on the degree of success of the Medicine (Diagnosis) test result (MS – 25, CS – 20, ES – 15). If successful, the doctor can automatically produce 1d6 doses of a counteragent by spending one full hour in a medical lab such as that found in sickbay or a hospital. The counteragent’s permanently cure the illness, but only protects for 2d6 hours. Prerequisite: Diagnosis or Rehabilitation

Medical Officer

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