Welcome to Star Trek: Pendragon!

The Federation at War!

Chancellor Gowron of the Klingon Empire has laid an ancient claim to the Archanis Sector of space, plunging the United Federation into a bloody conflict with their age old enemies! While defending the expansive borders of the Federation, Starfleet must also protect against the ever-growing threat of the Dominion’s Jem’Hadar, the xenophobic Tholians, and the warrior clans of the Gorn.

The USS Pendragon, an outdated Excelsior-class starship, has been pulled out of mothballs and assigned to Starbase 129, where it serves as a border patrol vessel along the “Gray Regions,” the far border of the Federation that reaches out into territories unclaimed by any of the quadrants’ political bodies.

About Our Game

This game is played during weekly tabletop sessions using Decipher’s Star Trek RPG.

The Adventure Log is kept up-to-date by the GM, DK.

The Pendragon Wiki contains information relevant both in-character and out.

Star Trek: Pendragon

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