Starship Combat

Starship Combat Sequence

1. Establish Initial Range: Starship battle begins at the range at which one or both combatants detects the other using sensors (TN 10+), unless the Narrator rules otherwise. Range between starships change through the use of maneuvers.

2. Roll Initiative: Each starship involved in battle makes a Tactics skill test; starships act in order from highest to lowest result.

3. Choose Primary Targets: All maneuvers affect the attacking ship’s primary target.

4. Select Maneuvers and Reveal: When it is each ship’s turn, the Crew selects two maneuvers, reveals them, and makes appropriate skill tests. Each starship can perform two maneuvers per round.

5. Attack Maneuvers: Make still test, target number equals target ship’s shield protection, modified by maneuvers.

See “Starship Combat Test Results” to determine success of attack
If successful, reduce shield strength as indicated

Compare attacking ship’s weapon penetration to the target ship’s shield threshold. If higher, apply the difference to the ship’s structure.

When a level of structure is removed from the ship’s damage track, see “System Damage” below to find the system damaged in the attack. If all structure is removed, target is destroyed.

System Damage: Remove one point of damage per successful hit from the affected system. Listed penalty applied immediately.

Starship Combat Test Results

Test Results Result
Below TN Attack missed; no effect on shields
Equals TN Marginal Success: Apply damage normally;
do not reduce shield streght
1-5 above TN Complete Sucess: Reduce shield strength by 1
6-10 above TN Superior Success: Reduce shield strength by 2
11+ above TN Extraordinary Success: Reduce shield strength by 3

Shield Strength Track

Strength Effect (if any)
10 Full strength
9 Bridge pannel shorts! Stunned for 1d6 minutes
7 Shield protection rating reduced by 1
5 Primary system hit! Make roll on table 7.10
4 Shield threshold reduced by 1
2 Bridge hit, console explodes! (1d6 wounds)
1 Primary system hit! Make roll on table 7.10
0 Shields down! Protection set to 5

+ System Damage+

Light/Fast Classification

Roll System
2 Life Support
3 Shields
4 Weapons
5-7 Operations
8-9 Sensors
10 Propulsion
11 All Systems
12 All Systems x2

Heavy/Warship Classification

Roll System
2 Life Support
3 Shields
4-5 Weapons
6-7 Operations
8-9 Propulsion
10-11 Sensors
12 All Systems

All Other Classification

Roll System
2 Life Support
3-4 Shields
5-6 Weapons
7-8 Operations
9 Sensors
10 Propulsion
11 Weapons & Operations
12 All Systems

System Damage Tracks

Grade Sensors Propulsion Operations
E -1 All Maneuvers -1 to Helm Maneuvers -1 Command Maneuvers
D -1 Initiative -1 Initiative -1 Computer Use Tests
C -2 Tactical Maneuvers -2 to Helm Maneuvers -2 Initiative
B Cannot “Lock On” -2 Initiative -2 All Maneuvers
A Offline: Vessel Blind Offline Offline
Grade Weapons Life Support Shields
E -1 Tactical Maneuvers Random Console Explodes (1d6 stun) -1 Shield Strength
D -1 Pentration (all) Random Console Explodes (1d6 wounds) -1 Protection Rating
C No Tier 2 Maneuvers Gravity failing (-2 physical tests) -1 Threshold
B -2 Tactical Maneuvers Thin Atmosphere (2d6 stun to all crew) -2 Protection Rating
A Offline Offline: 2d6 rounds to abandon ship Offline

Starship Combat

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