Skill Levels

Skill levels define how well a character can perform a known aptitude. Skill levels range from 0 to 12, representing no practical experience to complete mastery in the field. Some traits and professional abilities allow characters to exceed the maximum level of 12, demonstrating expertise beyond the norm.

Professional Skills

Each of the Professions includes a list of professional skills, skills that members of that profession routinely learn and use in the course of their occupational duties. To reflect this vocational predisposition, characters are able to acquire and develop these skills more easily. Any skills not listed are nonprofessional skills, and are more difficult to acquire and upgrade.

Skill Specialties

Most skills represent broad areas on knowledge or aptitude relating to a given subject. Skill such as Medicine, Administration, and History all represent enormous bodies of information and ability. For instance: a character with the Medicine skill knows about the anatomy of dozens of species, the applications and side effects of thousands of drugs, how to perform surgery and the symptoms of hundreds of diseases.

Almost every skill covers a range of specialties. Characters can acquire specialties in two ways: through a development package or through advancement. Some development packages designate a skill and specialty, indicating the way in which your character applies his skill, the areas which he is the most familiar, or the specific topics he studied or practiced most while learning the skill. You may learn additional specialties in lieu of (or in addition to) developing your character’s level in a given skill.

When your character receives a skill specialty, you should write the skill on the character sheet as “Skill (Specialty).” Possessing a specialty does not mean a character lacks knowledge of other specialties in the skill; it just means he isn’t quite as proficient in those other areas. When making a test involving your specialty, you gain a +2 to your skill roll. But when making a roll outside of the specialty you do not receive the bonus.

Each skill description includes a list of sample specialties. These are not the only ones possible, and you should feel free to create additional specialties for a skill as needed. Get approval for any created specialties from the Narrator.

Of course, not all skills have specialties. Some (like Language) don’t lend themselves to this sort of subdivision. They represent more limited bodies of knowledge, or less comprehensive abilities that all characters learn equally well. Where applicable, skill descriptions omit the specialty entry entirely; on these skills, simply not the skill name and the level of the ability (like Language (Klingon) + 3).

Skill Groups

Some skills fall into neat, overarching groups. Propulsion Engineering, Structural Engineering, and System Engineering, for example, all share common elements. Unlike specialties, skills within a group have no numerical relationship with one another; possessing one skill within a skill group confers no practical ability within other ares of the group. Your character can possess several skills that fall under a skill group, each having its own level and treated as a separate skill.

While each skill group includes a list of related skills, these are by no means exhaustive. You should feel free to create additional skills within a group as needed.

Untrained Skill Use

Some skills cover universal aptitudes, representing training and practice that hone raw ability. When using such skills, characters may make a skill test even if their level in that skill is zero. This is called “using a skill untrained.”

All untrained skill tests will be made at a -2 penalty, unless negated by an edge or other ability.

Difficulty Base TN
Simple 5
Routine 10
Challenging 15
Difficult 20
Virtually Impossible 25
Test Result Degree of Success/Failure Time Modifier
11+ below TN Disastrous Failure – makes matters worse x1.5
6-10 below TN Complete Failure – no further attempts possible base time
1-5 below TN Failure – may attempt again at -2 penalty base time
0-4 above TN Marginal Success – achieves basic objective base time
5-9 above TN Complete Success – achieves all objectives x.5
10+ above TN Extraordinary Success – bonus at Narrator’s discretion x.25

Master Skill List

Skill Category Attribute Specialty/Skills Untrained?
Appraise Academic INT Antiques, Dilithium Crystals, Jewelry No
Armed Combat Physical AGL SKILL GROUP: Simple, Klingon, Martial Arts, etc Yes
Athletics Physical STR Climb, Jump, Ride, Swim Yes
Computer Use Academic INT Encryption, Hacking, Programming, Retrieve No
Conceal Physical AGL Cache, Camouflage, Conceal Weapon Yes
Construct Physical INT Electronics, Machinery, Shelter No
Craft Physical AGL SKILL GROUP: Sculpture, Pottery, Painting, Cooking, Calligraphy, Cartography No
Demolitions Physical INT Arm, Build, Defuse No
Engineering Academic INT SKILL GROUP: Propulsion, Structural, Systems, Civil No
Enterprise Academic INT Administration, Business, Streetwise Yes
Entertain Social PRE SKILL GROUP: Dance, Drama, Sing, Play Instrument Yes
First Aid Physical INT Andorian, Human, Vulcan, etc Yes
Forgery Physical AGL Currency, Data, Identification No
Gaming Social INT Chess, Dom-jot, Poker, Tongo Yes
Gymnastics Physical AGL Balance, Swing, Tumble Yes
Impersonate Social PRE Disguise, Mimicry, Stage Acting, Undercover Yes
Indoctrinate Physical INT Brainwashing, Hypnosis, Neural Alteration No
Influence Social PRE Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, Seduce Yes
Inquire Social PRE Fraternize, Interrogation, Interview Yes
Investigate Physical PER Deduce, Forensics, Inspect, Research Yes
Knowledge Academic INT SKILL GROUP: Culture, History, Law, Politics, Religion, Specific World, Trivia No
Language Academic INT SKILL GROUP: Specific Language No
Medicine Academic INT General Medicine, Psychology, Vulcan Medicine, etc No
Negotiate Social INT Bargain, Entreat, Mediate Yes
Observe Physical PER Spot, Listen, Track Yes
Persuade Social PRE Debate, Oratory, Propaganda Yes
Ranged Combat Physical AGL SKILL GROUP: Archaic, Energy, Projectile Yes
Repair Physical INT Automobile, Transporter, Tricorder No
Science Academic INT SKILL GROUP: Life, Physical, Planetary, Social, Space No
Sleight of Hand Physical AGL Palm, Pick Pocket, Prestidigitation No
Sport Physical AGL Baseball, Parrises Square, Ride Yes
Stealth Physical AGL Hide, Shadow, Sneak Yes
Survival Physical PER Arctic, Desert, etc Yes
System Operation Physical INT Flight Control, Mission Ops, Sensors, etc No
Tactics Academic INT Federation, Klingon, Ground, Space No
Unarmed Combat Physical AGL SKILL GROUP: Boxing, Brawling, Kung Fu, Mok’bara, etc Yes
Empathy Psionic PSI No
Mind Control Psionic PSI No
Mind Shield Psionic PSI No
Telepathy Psionic PSI No


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