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Welcome to Star Trek: Pendragon!

This game is presently played weekly on Sunday evenings (1730 Central) by a small group of local gamers. We are using Decipher’s Star Trek RPG books.

This wiki will contain mostly “in character” information.

Crew of the USS Pendragon

Commanding Officer: Captain Matthew Hardwick1
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Sardak
Chief CONN Officer: Lieutenant T’Prill1
Chief Operations Officer: Ensign Sara Wallace1
Chief Tactical/Security Officer: Lieutenant (JG) Andrew Malone
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant (JG) Miranda Marcus
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Aphix, M.D.
Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Grav chem Korvig1

1 These characters are Narrator NPCs.

Useful Links

  • Currency – Information on currency used within the game.
  • Ranks – Information the rank structure of Starfleet.
  • LCARS Database
  • Campaign Map – The area surrounding Starbase 129 and the Pendragon assignments.

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