Cover Protection

Characters are able to hid behind cover, such as bulkheads and other physical obstacles, in order to protect against incoming attacks. Depending on the materials involved, and the type of attack, the protection offered varies.

“Each time an attack inflicts damage to your character, your cover “absorbs” a number of points and reduces the amount that gets passed on as injury by the same amount. Cover can absorb only so much damage before the attacks destroy it, leaving your character vulnerable to attack." ~ Player’s Guide, Decipher Star Trek RPG

Cover Type Damage Absorbed Damaged Sustainable
Thin wooden door 6 (all types) 5
Wooden door 8 (all types) 10
Thin metal door 10 (all types) 15
Reinforced metal door; large rocks 14 (all types) 25
Armored Metal Bulkhead 20 (all types) 40
Heavy Armored security door 24 (all types) 50
Degree of Cover TN Modifier
100% (nothing exposed) Impossible to shoot around
75% (head, arm exposed) +8 TN
50% (some or all of upper body exposed) +6 TN
25% (all upper body, some lower body exposed) +4 TN
<25% (most of body exposed) +2 TN


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