Movement Actions

Action Cost Effect Test
Crawl/Step 1 Move 2 m none
Walk 1 Move 6 m none
Jog 1 Move 12m/round none
Run 1 Move 18m/round Run 5+
Sprint 1 Move 40m/round Run 10+
Swim 1 Move 2m Swim 5+
Jump 1 Move 1m Vertical or
2m Horizontal
Jump 5+
Climb 1 Move 1m Vertical Climb 5+
Drop Prone 1 Become prone none
Stand Up 1 Stand from prone Agility 5+

Combat Actions

Action Cost Effect Test
Aim 1 +1 or +3 to attack none
Dodge 1 Dodge incoming attack Quickness: Opposed
Draw 1 Draw weapon none
Armed Attack 1 Attack with melee weapon Attack: 10+
Ranged Attack 1 Attack with ranged weapon Attack: range
Reload 1 Change ammunition/setting none
Recover 1 Pick up dropped weapon none
Unarmed Attack punch, kick, grapple Attack: 10+
Parry 1 Block incoming attack Attack: Opposed

Free Actions

Action Cost Effect Test
Target 0 Acquire new target in combat none
Observe 0 Notice something Observation: variable
Command 0 Issue a command none
Drop Object 0 Drop item/weapon to ground none
Warn/Alert 0 Shout warning, sound alert none
Ride Mount stay mounted, guide steed none

Full-Round Actions

Action Cost Effect Test
Hide F/R Hide in cover/shadows Stealth: variable
Search F/R Search 1m x 1m area Search: variable
Computer Work F/R Perform computer functions Computer: variable
Read Thoughts F/R Perform Telepathy test Telepathy: variable
Set Explosive F/R Prepare explosive charge Demolitions: variable
First Aid F/R ext. Give first Aid First Aid: variable
Repair Weapon F/R ext. Fix malfunction Repair: variable
Deactivate Explosive F/R ext. Disable detonation device Demolitions: variable
Disable Alarm F/R ext. Disable trigger/terminate alarm System Engineering: variable


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