Star Trek: Pendragon

"Emergency Response" - Session #2

The away team investigates the attacks on the surface of the planet, while the Pendragon returns to orbit.

“Captain’s log, supplemental. We were able to follow the Klingon ion trails to the eighth planet in the system; however, upon reaching the far side of the planet’s only moon all traces were lost. Sensors did pick up traces of magneton energy, but the science department has not been able to explain it as of yet. We have set course back for the colony, and plan to reconnect with the away team in just over two hours.”

The away team (Sardak, Aphix, Marcus, Malone, and the security detail) set off for the site of the mysterious complex; the trip took just over three hours in the old sub-orbital scout craft. When they arrived the began taking scans of the area looking for any signs of non-native life signs (tac) and materials (sci). While comparing the scans to past images, Lieutenant Marcus realizes that the trace dilithium signatures that the colony prospectors found a short distance away were no longer present.

Once on the ground the team also notes that the ground where the complex should have been had been burnt away nearly twenty meters below the surrounding surface. Any traces of the buildings had been vaporized in the attack. They did detect, however, a small cavity about twenty feet underground; roughly one meter in diameter, it appeared to be a tunnel of some sort running directly away from the blast zone towards where the dilithium readings had been taken.

They then set off on foot to investigate the missing dilitihum readings. They walked just over a kilometer through the deciduous forest, until they came to a small clearing. Commander Sardak began postulating what the tunnel could have been used for and, upon finding the terminus of the tunnel on the surface, deduced it had been used to transport something from the clearing to the buildings (or vice versa). They immediately began searching for evidence of a cloaked ship.

Lieutenant Marcus began scanning for elevated neutrinos, Doctor Aphix searched for any biological traces in the area, and Commander Sardak looked for physical evidence of a ship; Lieutenant Malone and team secured the area and assisted in the search. Both the science and medical scans came up negative, though Sardak found imprints in the ground that could possibly have been left by a small vessel resting on the surface; a test for a present vessel (he threw a stick where a landing gear would have been) came up negative.

At that point in time, Lieutenant Marcus decided to investigate the tunnel further, crawling down inside to take more accurate scans and physical samples to take back with her. While most of her scans came up empty-handed, she was able to spot two semi-circular indentions on the floor of the tunnel where something had been resting; it appeared to run the full length of the tunnel.

The team was discussing the indentions when the Pendragon arrived back in orbit, and Captain Hardwick contacted Commander Sardak. Both officers gave brief reports, and Captain Hardwick requested Lieutenant Marcus return to the vessel when able; she beamed back immediately. Commander Sardak requested engineering teams be sent to assist the colony repair efforts.

- On the Pendragon… -

Arriving back on the vessel, Lieutenant Marcus was directed to the science labs where her teams were attempting to analyze data found during the vessel’s attempt to follow the Klingon ion trails. Research indicated that the magneton energy detected was mostly likely done purposefully by the pursued vessel to dissipate their trail. She also collaborated with Lieutenant Korvig (the Chief Engineer) regarding some of the unexplained data found on the surface (mainly the indentions in the tunnel); the Tellarite was quick to criticize the young woman, and explained that the size roughly matched those used on starships for energy conduits (which, being made with materials designed to restrict interference from power supplies, explained why nothing was picked up by their tricorders on the surface).

- On the surface… -

While Lieutenant Marcus worked on board the ship, Commander Sardak asked an engineering team to attempt to refine the sensors on the scout ship. With the outdated technology, they were finished with their efforts in less time than it took to make the trip back to the crater (along with Lieutenant Malone); Doctor Aphix returned to the colony’s medical center to continue giving assistance.

Upon arriving back on the scene, Commander Sardak was able to detect minute traces of neutrino particles in the clearing, solid evidence that a cloaked ship had likely been parked there some time ago. He was able to postulate that the vessel had been absent for at least a couple weeks.

He reported this back to the Pendragon; Captain Hardwick requested the away team return to the vessel for a full debriefing and planning session. All team members returned to the vessel without incident.


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